An Elegant Restaurant on a farm by the Sea

Benetos restaurant is located just outside the town of Skala on a quiet inlet known as Sapsila overlooking the Aegean Sea, creating a relaxed, romantic atmosphere.

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Our Daily Specials

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms with Turmeric Sauce

Bao Buns with Chicken

Bao Buns with Soft Shell Crab

Greek Ceviche


Cacio e Pepe with Truffle

Creamy Sea Urchin Pasta

Grilled Spring Chicken

Herb Crusted Seared Tuna

Kritharoto Sea Food Orzo Casserole

Our Story

Benetos Restaurant, owned by Benetos and Susan Matthaiou, opened in Patmos, Greece in the summer of 1997. The restaurant is located just outside Patmos’ town of Skala, on a quiet inlet known as Sapsila. The 14 tables are located on a spacious veranda overlooking the Aegean Sea, creating a relaxed, romantic atmosphere.

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The Chef

An ultimate dining experience like no other

Benetos Matthaiou is the chef and co-owner of Benetos Restaurant. He was born and raised on the island of Patmos. Since childhood, he was interested in gardening, fishing and cooking, especially grilling the fresh fish he caught himself. His first teacher was his mother. He then became a cook in the Greek army. Upon finishing the army, he baked bread in a local bakery for several years. Benetos then began spending winters in Miami where he cooked in the restaurants of acclaimed chefs, including Michael Schwartz and Andrea Curto-Randazzo, gaining invaluable experience. In his own restaurant, Benetos uses a modern approach to classic Mediterranean cooking, utilizing the freshest local ingredients, including herbs and vegetables from his own garden..

Private Events

Are you planning your dream wedding or a special private celebration?

Benetos offers an idyllic spot for weddings or private events. With its stunning waterfront views and tailored culinary offerings, we ensure a memorable experience that blends natural beauty with personal touches, making every moment truly special.

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